Friday, 3 November 2017

Pot holes

Driving for a living isn’t exactly fulfilling my supposed potential but it’s always been my fallback, my safety zone, my rebuild and recharge mode. Driving around Newton Abbot I know every pot hole, every crack in the roads and every speed bump. I know the sequence of all the lights and I know how long they take to change depending on the time of day. Pot holes though, in particular are the best bits of knowledge. I know where the damage could be done to my car if I drive it over them the wrong way so I adjust and reposition myself in the road for as smooth a journey as possible!

Common sense Roy, I hear you say. And it is! If only life were this simple, if we just learned where the pot holes were and avoided them but we don’t... well I don’t! Life is so easily smooth, I know exactly the things that hurt me, the things that set me back. This knowledge just isn’t enough as even though I’m on a pretty good run at the moment, it must be a month since I’ve texted the wrong person or cocked anything up which is good for me, I know I’ll hit a pot hole soon. I’ll just drive head on into it and take the pain, that’s just the way I am.

There’s a sneaky little pot hole, and if you’ve ever come by the back lanes from Kingskerswell to Newton you’ll know him! He’s the one just over the little bridge in the back lane and he catches me out time and again. I know he’s there, lurking away, but it seems that no matter on your road position or preparation he is just unavoidable! Crunch, every single time...

Pot holes are life! It just seems to me that even knowing my weaknesses I still find it impossible to stop driving into them. To stop making mistakes in my road positioning. When does your knowledge start to dictate your actions, because surely it should? Or will my heart always lead me into chaos? And those ones that you know about but can’t avoid... what do we do about them? Nothing is easy...

It’s when you head to new destinations or down new roads that you don’t mind the bumps, the odd pot hole, as long as it doesn’t do any real damage. I wouldn’t mind a new destination, a new journey but for now I’ll just keep my driving safe and sensible and see what develops.

Stupid pot holes, you’d think you could fix them. I’m driving okay at the moment to be fair, I know where they are and I’m going around them, or letting them go under and between the wheels of progress. Speaking of which, I’ve gotta go, time for work and time to take steady course around the little buggers :)