Thursday, 8 November 2018

The end or the beginning?

Green is gone as time decays,
Yellow turns to red,
The summer life evaporates,
Dead leaves falling fill my head.

Summer sun now but a memory,
Heat and haze with such long days,
Promises we made are unfulfilled,
Driving rain incessant as my mind replays.

Spring was just so wonderful,
Hope and love abound,
As we grew entwined together,
Warmth enveloped and a family we found.

Winter's grasp strengthens in tone,
Bitterness in the air creates a frown,
Alone at night yet not alone,
Reminiscent thoughts I try to drown.

Colder, darker, leaves all gone,
short days contrive a longer night,
Waiting, contemplating right or wrong,
How can I ever win this fight?

The cycle though won’t stop for me,
The spring it must be sprung,
Although it seems eternity,
My song, it’s not quite sung.

The sap will rise again in Spring,
New life abundant flow,
The death of leaves this year will bring,
Rich earth in which to grow.

Spring will return, it’s nature, life,
The warmth must replace the chill,
The leaves that fall will be replaced,
Time cannot stand still.